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Props Jacks in Kuwait Steel props jack in kuwait

Steel Props Jacks in Kuwait are capable of bearing a full load of cup locks when braced fully. These jacks are easy to install and extensively used in the construction industry. All of our steel prop jacks offered to the clients are adjustable as per the requirements of clients. The steel jack provides a technique of jacking utilized at the top or bottom of a scaffold structure. Our Steel Props Jacks in Kuwait are most suitable for building construction sites, building material sites, and residential project sites. 

Scaffolding Kuwait is a leading manufacturing and supplying company offering a wide range of steel products like Steel prop jacks. The prop jacks we supply are made with high-quality raw materials and are more durable than any other product. Our steel prop jacks are extensively used in conjunction along with socket base, lock heads, and drop head adaptors. They are used in the construction of supporting ceilings, walls, and trenches. They are designed in the shortest length to span a wide variety of spaces. 

Features of our Steel prop jacks

  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Excellent durability
  • Robust Construction
  • Pure Dimensions
  • Exactness 
  • Sturdiness 
  • Outstanding Performance 
  • Ease to Install 
  • Adjustable to various Height Requirements


  • Engineering Industry 
  • Construction Industry

The steel prop jacks that we manufacture are built from continuously welded steel tubes for their long life. This makes them highly resistant to site wear and tear. Moreover, their lightweight makes them more cost-friendly and popular in Industrial construction, Commercial Construction, and Infrastructure construction like Highway roads, Bridges, etc. There are two types of jacks used in thick concrete slabs are Heavy Duty Prop Jacks and Medium Duty Jacks.

At Scaffolding Kuwait, clients can share their slab or concrete load capacity details and acquire the adjustable scaffolding prop jack suitable for their weight-bearing and safety load. Also, they can share the details of their work and get safety guidance from us. Our well-made professional team is always ready to solve the queries of the clients. You can ask for adjustments according to your needs and wants of Steel prop jack. We will deliver the highest quality steel-grade prop jack. With us, you can also choose the steel structure during the scaffold prop jack manufacturing. 

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Choose from an unparalleled array of steel jacks, available in all sizes ranging from petite to plus size. Our well-known manufacturing company offers these prop jacks at budget-friendly prices and is also perfect for the customers who are looking to purchase them in bulk. You can choose the height and weight-bearing capacity of your steel prop jack. Remember, the loading capacity of steel prop jacks is different at different heights.

Scaffolding Kuwait always tries to stand out on their words and satisfy the client’s needs by manufacturing superior quality prop jack products. Owing to their high efficiency, our products are always appreciated by the clients and are fully welcomed in the market of Al Ahmadi, Hawalli, Sabah as Salim, Al Farwaniyah, Al Fahahil, Kuwait City, and Ar Riqqah. We always stay one step ahead in supplying the finest products that can be used by the clients efficiently, whether they have shuttering work in power, automobile, hardware, or any other relevant industry.

Other than Steel Prop Jacks, our company manufacture and supply products like Steel Scaffoldings, Aluminum Scaffoldings, Aluminum Ladders, Building Materials, and Safety Items. In an effort to provide globally competitive products with zero defects, our team works round the clock and delivers the best to you. Our clients can connect with us anytime and demand the customizations they want in their products. We are here to hear all your concerns and requests.