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Stairway Mobile Cantilever Scaffolding in Kuwait

Stairway Mobile Cantilever Scaffolding is a type of scaffolding that provides access up to 1m to overcome obstacles and prevent the tower erected. It reduces the chances of damage occurring. In cantilever scaffolding, the standards are supported by a chain of needs and have a tow board system that provides trip-free tower access. The right care is taken by the team while constructing cantilever scaffolding. 

Scaffolding Kuwait has a huge range of aluminum scaffolding towers like Single-width towers, Double-width towers, and podium towers.  We have these various Aluminum Scaffolding products like Aluminium Scaffolding With Additional Support, Stair aluminum double-width mobile scaffolding, Stairway mobile cantilever scaffolding, Aluminium stairway tower, Foldable tower aluminum scaffolding, double-width aluminum scaffolding, single-width aluminum scaffolding, and much more. 

Our Stairway Mobile Cantilever Scaffolding is used when the upper part of the wall is under construction and when the ground is not capable of supporting standards. There is a comfortable entry into the system from outside through the wide frame stairways. It has a non-slip tread surface, and the working height can be extended from 4.0 to 12m with normal components. To ensure the safety of the worker working on the platform the structure has both guard rail and mid-rail installed to its perimeter. Cantilever scaffolding stops a trip from becoming a fall. 

Scaffolding Kuwait focuses on various areas- to provide services such as Al Ahmadi, Hawalli, Sabah as Salim, Al Farwaniyah, Al Fahahil, Kuwait City, and Ar Riqqah. We provide our customers with the highest quality scaffolding products in various shapes and sizes. All of our products can also be customized, as per the requirements of our clients. We provide the best and safest solutions to the workers working on the heights. In addition, we ensure growth and high productivity in less time.


Aluminum Scaffold Double Width Standard Size: 1400mm x 2000mm
Aluminum Scaffold Single Width Standard Size: 800mm x 1500mm

  • The Stairway Mobile Cantilever Scaffoldings allows the conversion of a double-width ladder span tower.
  • Stairway Mobile Cantilever Scaffolding provides access up to 1.m outside the cantilever towers frame to overcome obstacles e.g. porches, machinery, etc.
  • 2 platform length – 1800mm and 2500mm Toe board system provides trip-free tower access Horizontal braces used as guardrails.