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Safety GuidanceScaffolding Safety kuwait

Safety Instruction for our Products:- 

Everyone in the workplace has specific duties and needs safety assurance while working. At construction sites or buildings, contractors and workers deal with scaffolding products. Scaffolding is the main support for people and materials in the construction or repair site and other large structures. It usually includes a wide range of products consisting of metal pipes, tubes, or any other material. 

All the scaffolds at Scaffolding Kuwait are erected, altered, or supervised under the supervision of our competent team. Our team is capable of identifying, existing and predictable hazards in the working conditions and take prompt corrective action to eliminate them. The very first step is:

Erection and Inspection- 

People with enough competence are allowed to erect and inspect Tower Scaffolds. For being at such a place, a person needs to complete a recognized training course on erection and use of scaffolds within 3 years. Our team is full of experienced persons who also manufacture Safety Items on the site. Our department maintains all the records of the workers and keeps a close eye on the manufacturing of scaffolding products

Before the Erection of Aluminum Scaffolding Tower- 

Before the use of Scaffolding, the entire parts are checked once to check if they are in good condition or not. Before the erection begins make sure that the ground should be firm and leveled. Make sure to take necessary precautions against corrosion of persons. Castor wheels should be checked to know about wheels/tyers’ condition. Wheels won’t rotate properly if not in good condition and can affect the rotation and functioning of brakes. Adjustable legs should not be bent or in bad condition. All the threads needed to be clean and free of debris.

Never Use Broken Equipment-

Equipment is the thing that is particularly needed to do particular activities at the construction sites. That’s the reason, an aluminum scaffolding tower should be regularly surmounted on the inside and outside. Every time a portable tower relocates, it should be re-equalized. Castor wheels are also needed to be relocated. There should be the use of guardrails and toeboards on all moving programs, and their stability should be reviewed after every move. 

Scaffolding Kuwait delivers scaffolding products in Al Ahmadi, Hawalli, Sabah as Salim, Al Farwaniyah, Al Fahahil, Kuwait City, and Ar Riqqah.