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Double Width Aluminum Scaffolding kuwait

Double Width Aluminum Scaffolding Kuwait

Double Width Aluminum Scaffolding is a safe scaffolding used for supporting edge structures and carry construction materials. Such types of towers are easy to carry, adjustable, and the best fit for big-height projects. The feature of adjustable height and castor wheels makes this double-width tower more secure than any other tower. Z assemble bracing allows a fast and bother-free assembling of this tower.

Scaffolding Kuwait guarantees the safety of the workers and provides products that offer great support to them. We own the reliability, and responsibility of our work. Our employees are the most important asset of our organization. We all work together to offer you high-quality services at affordable prices.

Double Width Aluminum Scaffolding

Integral ladder frame of double width aluminum ladder allows a secure system and reduces the loss of parts of the ladder frame. It allows 2-3 people to work together on the working platform with safety. Not only this, this tower allows the users to work to higher heights than the single-width tower. The twin pedal brake also provides mobility for different job requirements.

Our double-width aluminum tower is equipped with castor wheels with a locking system to provide maximum adjustability and stability. It is a fundamental section for any kind of construction, for example, building, maintenance, reconstruction, painting, etc.

Scaffolding Kuwait offers scaffoldings that permit representatives to work securely. Workers need to walk on the platform to convey materials, and our scaffolding products speed up their process. Find the right scaffolding product for your construction work. Our team will ensure that you get the products useful for you. And can also make customizations based on your requirements. Our company is currently working in cities including Al Ahmadi, Hawalli, Sabah as Salim, Al Farwaniyah, Al Fahahil, Kuwait City, and Ar Riqqah.

Technical Specifications:-

  • Length: 2.50 Mtr Double width tower
  • Width : 1.45 Mtr
  • Height: 2.20 Mtr to 17.80Mtr
  • Wooden Platform = Standard Platform & Trapdoor Platform Maximum load per platform 225 kg and for the entire tower is 600 kg inching Tower.