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Aluminum Mobile Wide Scaffolding in Kuwait

Aluminum Mobile Wide Scaffolding is one of the most demanded products for outdoor sites. This scaffolding tower needs to be of great strength and quality to ensure the safety of the workers. The wide platform of our aluminum mobile scaffolding enables a more spacious work area to carry other equipment on the top while working. The legs of this scaffolding are essentially bundled up together with the end goals to exchange concentrated burdens. 

With extra edges and a built-in ladder allows workers to easily access the top. This feature of our aluminum mobile scaffolding enables multi-level work at one time. Popularly known for its lightweight, our scaffolding product also enables easy assembling and dismantling. It eliminates the excessive burden and security pressure. The caster wheels attached in this tower have a dual braking system and the body is also chrome plated. 

Scaffolding Kuwait thrives to provide you the best scaffolding tower in the market. Our aluminum mobile wide scaffolding is made up of great material and does not disappoint the clients. We provide scaffolding products that are light in weight and provide access solutions throughout various industries for both indoor and outdoor work. Wherever a secure and stable platform is needed, our aluminum tower is an ideal choice for maintenance, cleaning, and installation work.

Our products provide maximum flexibility with the sizes and height according to the needs of the clients. Because of their lightweight, they are easily transferable door to door without difficulties and can be erected by a minimum of two persons. Our company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of scaffoldings in Al Ahmadi, Hawalli, Sabah as Salim, Al Farwaniyah, Al Fahahil, Kuwait City, and Ar Riqqah. High stability and long endurance is the strength of our company, and satisfying our clients with our products is our first and foremost priority.


Mobile Scaffolding Supplier – Mobile Scaffolding Tower

  • Twin platform enables more spacious work area
  • Built in ladder allows easy access to the top
  • Safe working load per platform is 225 kg
  • The caster has dual braking system and the body is chrome plated
  • Multi-level work is possible at one time
  • Stabilizers are advisable for 5mtr and above scaffolds
  • Aluminum scaffolds are otherwise known as lightweight scaffolding which enables easy assembling and dismantling